A full-service real estate investing business offering a wide range of services to clients including buying, selling, renting, and lease options. We help your everyday person, and landlords with their real estate portfolio for day to day operations of purchasing and selling properties. Our experienced team of real estate professionals take the hassle out of the home buying and selling process, giving our clients a peace of mind and the best possible experience.


Property assistant service which helps home owners in default, pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, probate, HOA liens, Tax liens, Mechanics liens, vacant, bank owned and auction within 45 days. Resolving issues expediently and efficient. Delivering the highest quality results.


We offer a personalized approach to ensure that your buying or selling experience is seamless. Our service help motivated homeowners by supplying a R.E.F. a Real Estate Financier taking on the homeowners real estate financial burdens and transition. Preparing the homeowners personal real estate interest more attractively to potential buyers.